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Rewards, Gifts & Incentives Card.

Provide your employees with motivational Rewards, Gifts & Incentives that they really want. Build a culture of inclusion and recognition across your business with Perx®

Our Customers.

Join thousands of companies across Ireland already using Perx® to celebrate, recognise and appreciate their teams.

Why Perx®?

  • Easily and quickly deploy at scale

    Rapidly deploy rewards, gifts and incentives for a range of use cases with digital cards designed to help build a productive and inclusive work culture.

  • Gimmick-free, real rewards. No strings

    Provide ultimate choice with tax-free gestures that are genuinely useful and desirable for your employees. Powered by Mastercard®, Perx® can be used at over 50 million locations worldwide, instore or online. Anywhere Mastercard® is available. No strings attached.

  • Protected and compliant

    Perx® funds are safeguarded and protected as per regulatory requirements and protected by 24/7 fraud monitoring and detection.

  • Tax free rewards

    Perx is Tax free up to €1,000 per employee under the Small Benefits Exemption scheme in Ireland.

  • Prefer printed cards? We can do that too

    Physical cards are also available. For larger orders, get in touch to discuss branded or personalised cards for your business today.

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Easy to Use Platform

Perx® offers employers a streamlined solution which can reward, incentivise or acknowledge thousands of employees within minutes, minimising administrative work and maximising the reach and impact of the initiative.


Meaningful Gestures for Every Occasion.

Celebrate Events

Celebrate inclusion and foster community by encouraging participation in, for example, diversity and inclusion activities, or simply offer an employee-wide seasonal gift.

Employee Recognition

Reward individual, team or company-wide performance and boost employee productivity by recognising employees going above and beyond or hitting targets.

Helping with Subsistence

Drive better participation in events by supporting team members, customers and other stakeholders with the cost of getting involved.


Run company-wide internal competitions and initiatives with tangible prizes to build a sense of community and belonging.

Professional and Personal Wellbeing

Recognise work/life balance and provide a program to easily support personal expenses such as WFH furniture, training, social events and financial literacy.

Personal Celebrations

Acknowledge employee milestones such as birthdays, a new baby, employment anniversary or retirement, and deliver at scale.

Flexible Card Deployment.

Perx® cards are available in physical or digital formats for maximum flexibility. Contact our sales team to discuss bespoke options for your company-branded cards.