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Limits and Fees

Name of Card



Reward Cards/Virtual Cards

Max Load and Balance:

€2,500 / £2,500

Min Load

€10 / £10 *

*Please note that for loads of less than €50/£50 a fee of €0.50/£0.50 will apply per card.

Reloadable Cards

Max Load and Balance

€10,000 / $10,000 / £10,000

Minimum Load

€10 / $10 / £10

Max Load in a 24-hour period:

€8,500 / $10,000 / £6,500

Max number of loads in a 24-hour period:


Max value of POS Transactions in 24-hour period

€5,000 / $5,000 / £5,000

Max number of POS Transactions in 24-hour period

Twenty (Ten for virtual cards)

Max value of ATM withdrawal in a 24-hour period

€250 / $250 / £250
(NA for virtual cards)

Max number of ATM withdrawals in a 24 hour- period


(NA for virtual cards)

Service Fees - fees paid by the Company purchasing the cards:

Fee Description



Additional Information

Subscription Fee

€120 +VAT

Per year

Card Load Fee


Per Load

Up front cost of Card



Per Card

This fee is not applicable where the initial load total is greater than €5,000/£5,000, or where the Company has paid the Subscription Fee.

Redemption Fee



Per Wallet

This fee is the cost of redeeming the Available Balance into a nominated bank account.

Offline Orders

€12.50 admin charge for orders of up to 99 Cards

Per Order

€25 admin charge for orders above 99 Cards

£16 admin charge for all UK orders.

Cardholder Fees - fees paid by the Cardholder when transacting

Fee Description

Amount – Reward/Virtual

Amount - Reload


Additional Information

Lost / Stolen Replacement Card Fee

€7.50 / £7.50


Per card

ATM Cash Withdrawal



Per withdrawal

FX Exchange Rate



Per transaction

Card Merge Fee



Per merge

Card Maintenance Fee



Per month

Assessed against the card after 12 months for Reward Cards, or 12 months of no activity for Reload Cards.

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